The fresh, harmonious brandy "Sarajishvili VS" is a mouth-watering blend of spirits of different ages, the oldest of which is over 10 years old. Grapes from different wine-making regions of Georgia give this exceptional light-amber colored brandy complex with aromas of wildflowers and dried fruits, which will give you an opportunity to explore the velvet taste  of "Sarajishvili VS".

Sarajishvili VS - (Georgia)

  • Wine production in Georgia was introduced thousands of years ago, but the first Georgian wine brandy connected to David Sarajishvili’s name appears only in the XIX century.The end of the XIX century is one of the most productive epochs inGeorgian history. It is a time of emerging Georgian magazines, newspapers, printing houses, “the Reading and Writing Society”, the first Georgian theater, the national bank and the first Georgian wine brand factory.


    The first Georgian wine brand was created thanks to tireless efforts and tremendous desire of David Sarajishvili. He was the one to establish the first classical brandy making technology in Georgia and to produce the cognac. Sarajishvili has not only introduced the European wine making technologies in Georgia, but also conducted a study of the Georgian climate and soil for choosing right Georgian grape species and creating the best micro-zones for making vineyards. Established in 1884, the company produced its first product in 1887.

    David Sarajishvili’s work was highly praised internationally in 1889-1912. As a result, Georgian brandy was awarded with gold medals at Paris, Brussels and Chicago exhibitions. In 1913 the company earned the exceptional status: “the provider of Russian Emperors house”.

    Due to the incurable illness, David Sarajishvili passed away in 1911. The great producer and

    philanthropist invested the most of his 3-million property in his country. He has financially supported the establishment of “The Reading and Writing Society,” the Kutaisi theater, surgery clinics, schools, academic institutions and many others.



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