35% ABV

Pure harmony between pear and Armagnac

Biercée Poiremagnac, a contraction of the words "pear" and "Armagnac", is an exceptional liqueur appreciated as well by men as by women. It is born from the subtle blend of a Belgian pear liqueur, distilled in our stills, and an Armagnac VS 30 months, elaborated at the « Domaine de Joÿ » a family estate in Panjas (Gascony - France).

This liquor, of great organoleptic richness and free from any artificial aroma, owes its outstanding quality to the premium quality of its ingredients.

First of all, premium Belgian pears. From the best orchards of Verlaine (between Huy and Liège), these are picked at full maturity to offer a maximum of flavours and aromas. In our distillery they are chopped, fermented and distilled in four copper stills in accordance with the rules of art. The result: an authentic and exceptional liqueur of country pears. That’s the base of Biercée Poiremagnac.

Then comes the Armagnac VS 30 months from “Domaine de Joÿ”, the family estate of independent winemakers-harvesters located in the heart of Gascony. Light, elegant and fruity, this premium Armagnac is distilled from white wines vinified on the estate. The vines of Ugni-Blanc and Bacco grape varieties have been planted for 25 years on the sandy-loamy hillsides (the "sables fauves") of the Bas-Armagnac terroir. It is one of the three soils of the appellation "Armagnac" and it is also considered as the best of this appellation. 
This terroir produces fruity, delicate and elegant eaux de vie which our Master Distiller has meticulously tasted before choosing Joÿ’s Armagnac VS.

If our team chose to collaborate with « Domaine de Joÿ », it is because we share with their people the same company values: passion for the profession, tradition, independence, conviviality and high-quality craftsmanship. 
It is precisely these values that the superb and generous expressiveness of Biercée Poiremagnac is reflecting.

In the glass, the natural, fresh and fully fruity flavour of the Belgian pear is exquisitely sustained by the fruity, warm and flowing organoleptic qualities of the Armagnac. The length in the mouth that emerges is a marvellous highlight to the goldsmith work of our Master Distiller.

Pure:Biercée Poiremagnac liqueur is savoured at room temperature or, for who prefers freshness, just out of the fridge. You will then serve it in a balloon glass or an Armagnac glass that holds well in hand and generously expresses the aromas. For lovers of precision and concentration of aromas, the Distiller glass is also suitable.

Mixed in long drink: 4cl to 6cl of Biercée Poiremagnac liqueur simply lengthened with fresh premium ginger ale.

In cocktail: Biercée Poiremagnac is the ideal ingredient of vintage cocktails.

On the plate: During a meal, it goes beautifully with foie gras, honey-glazed duck and some sweet-sour preparations. At the end of the meal, it is of course also appreciated as a digestive.

Whatever your preference, its richness and mildness will enchant you.

*Armagnac is a grape brandy bearing the same name as the region where it is produced, in the south-west of France (Gascony).



    A passion for taste above all

    Working for and at the Biercée Distillery is, first and foremost, a story of passion. Many nature-lovers cooperate and are involved in everything from the cultivation and promotion of a region and its fruit to enjoying our fine spirits: sometimes tree growers, pickers, wine growers and brewers, and always Master Distillers.

    It's this love of nature that leads to a passion for taste..
    And it's this passion for taste and excellence that has always stimulated and continues to stimulate the talent of Biercée's Master Distillers. Since 1946, three great Master Distillers have passed on their passion and extraordinary know-how in our distillery.

    From the highly rigorous selection of fruit, flowers and herbs, to the meticulous control of their maceration or fermentation in thermo-regulated vats, the perfect mastery of the art of distillation in stills, and right up to the careful ageing of our spirits, our Master Distiller uncompromisingly follows his passion for taste and the rules of the art of traditional distillation.

    It's his passion, his talent and his know-how that allow him to patiently extract and delicately concentrate the best of nature.

    Among the numerous tools required to elaborate our eaux-de-vie, gins and liqueurs, the Master Distiller's nose and palate are, without a doubt, the most important. Skilfully and continuously developed over the years, they are what allow the distiller to assess the aromas and flavours when he systematically tastes every distillate arriving in the heart of our stills, and thus guarantee the consistent quality of our products.

    Being a Master Distiller at the Biercée Distillery is much more than a profession, it’s a way of life.



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