The Tasting :

Shooting star night, or Perseides, as it is called, takes place once a year, on a warm summer night.

This cuvée is the reflection of this bright night : glistening, deep and rare. Perséides de Juvenal is produced

only during exceptional years ; it is obtained from the best 2 Grenache plots on the estate.


Appellation : AOC Ventoux, Organic

Degree : 15°

Grape varieties : 100% Grenache

Age of the vines : 50 to 70 years old

Terroir : Clay and limestone, south facing

Harvest : Manual, at full maturity

Vinification : Long maceration with numerous air discharges.

Aging on lees in Thermo- Regulated vats for seven months

Operating temperature : 18° C


Food and wine pairings

Will be a perfect accompaniment to cold cuts, grilled meatsand/or sauces.


  • A long family tradition, an exceptional terroir and an International acclaimed oenologist.

    Located on the southern slope of Graveyron, small hill in Comtat Venaissin in Provence, Chateau Juvenal enjoys a soil made out of clay and limestone gravel and a great sun exposition.

    A low yield combined with a very careful and passionate work at every level & steps of the whole process makes the wines of Chateau Juvenal the proudness of a whole region and give the appellation “Ventoux” all his noble letters.

    Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre Cinsault : all the grapes are beautifully expressed in this arid land and nothing is left to some randomness.

    Each plantation was prepared 2 to 5 years in advance, using severest analyzes of the ground, getting the best advices from Philippe Cambie, world widely renowned oenologist who is still supervising the vineyard.

    Chateau Juvenal also was one of the precursor with the respect of the environment and the whole vineyard today is organic certified.

    Nature-friendly practicing is one of their moto.  Human care as well!

    And that’s why we love their wines. They probably are amongst the best we have tasted in Ventoux appelation !

    Just a note about the harvest : the grapes are picked up by hand, with skilled pickers, who retain only the ripe and healthy grapes, what also tells us why to result is so impressive !

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