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With 30% wheat, this white beer is cloudy but not as much as other comparable white beers. 

Fresh-tasting citrus flavours, with subtle hints of coriander and orange peel, Elfique Blanche is thirst-quenching.



  • Just as an aperitif: light and thirst-quenching, it will stimulate your appetite!
  • With an appetiser, it’s great with light salads, shell fish and other seafood. 
  • For the main course, for that perfect marriage between beer and your dish, it goes best with white meat and the delicate taste of fish, in a white sauce for instance.
  • Elfique Blanche is the best companion for ice-cream or fruit-based desserts, or even … custard!

Elfique Blanche

  • It was in the old family farm that André Grolet began the adventure in 2005. He was motivated by the need to make use of the buildings as well as a great desire to encourage regional commerce. So, he decided to try and realise a dream he had: to produce his own beer! That was the start of the Au Grimoire des Légendes micro-brewery. The Elfique Ambrée had arrived. The quality of the product soon met with universal praise and success followed. He moved on with the Triple Brune dark beer, a craft beer which was also very successful, obtaining several medals at competitions. Over the years, the brewery developed and took the brand name: “Elfique”.

    To cope with this success, but also to continue the vision of developing a local project, in 2016 Elfique acquired some land in Raborive, between Aywaille and Comblain-au-Pont, along the banks of the Amblève, with the aim of setting up a new brewery.
    With the introduction of modern, semi-automated production equipment, the brewery was able to expand its capacity from 1,000 to 6,000 hl a year.
    This expansion is being carried out without losing sight of the Elfique legend, as the site stands at the foot of the castle which looks out over La Belle Roche, and which, since the 16th century has been in turn a forge, a glass works, a marble works and eventually a quarry.


    A taste of Mystery

    The Elfique project is well-rooted in the Ourthe Amblève region, and it takes its inspiration from the past, the people, their legends; but it is determined to show itself as forward-looking, modern and innovative. Mystery has always been at the heart of the Elfique story.
    The name comes from the small beings often to be found in the legends of the valley of the Amblève river. They lived in the forests and the nearby caves such as the Grottes de Remouchamps or the Vallon des Chantoirs. These stories were told by the 19th century Belgian writer, Marcellin La Garde.



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