40% ABV

Biercée's emblematic lemon liqueur!

Eau de Villée is an exceptional lemon liqueur like no other. The result of a subtle assembly of our best distillates of lemon and four other fruit eaux-de-vie, also from our stills, it is named after a small stream that used to run behind the distillery.

This emblematic Biercée liqueur, invented in 1981, is only elaborated by our Master Distiller and his team in March, when the lemon season is in full swing. Picked from the best non-treated 'Primofiori' lemon trees in Murcia, these top-quality fresh lemons are brought by road from South-East Spain. Once they've arrived at the distillery, they're meticulously sorted and chopped up straight away, before being put to macerate in a fruit spirit in thermo-regulated tanks for several weeks.

Once the lemon aromas are sufficiently fixed in the mash, this is then distilled in our four Holstein copper stills (the Rolls Royce of stills). This distillation is conducted with the greatest precision and according to the rules of the art by our Master Distiller. After slow and gradual heating, he is able to extract the full quintessence of the lemons. And it's the clearest, purest distillate of the heart which is then stored in a conditioning tank for several months before being put into the famous iconic bottles of the Eau de Villée brand.

To enjoy its full splendour, Eau de Villée liqueur should be drunk neat and icy cold, at -20°, straight out of the freezer and in a tulip glass. The result will be a bouquet of citrus fruit and a zesty cascade in the mouth, the very soul of Biercée.

At home in both more traditional bars as well as trendier ones, you can also enjoy it in a cocktail.



    A passion for taste above all

    Working for and at the Biercée Distillery is, first and foremost, a story of passion. Many nature-lovers cooperate and are involved in everything from the cultivation and promotion of a region and its fruit to enjoying our fine spirits: sometimes tree growers, pickers, wine growers and brewers, and always Master Distillers.

    It's this love of nature that leads to a passion for taste..
    And it's this passion for taste and excellence that has always stimulated and continues to stimulate the talent of Biercée's Master Distillers. Since 1946, three great Master Distillers have passed on their passion and extraordinary know-how in our distillery.

    From the highly rigorous selection of fruit, flowers and herbs, to the meticulous control of their maceration or fermentation in thermo-regulated vats, the perfect mastery of the art of distillation in stills, and right up to the careful ageing of our spirits, our Master Distiller uncompromisingly follows his passion for taste and the rules of the art of traditional distillation.

    It's his passion, his talent and his know-how that allow him to patiently extract and delicately concentrate the best of nature.

    Among the numerous tools required to elaborate our eaux-de-vie, gins and liqueurs, the Master Distiller's nose and palate are, without a doubt, the most important. Skilfully and continuously developed over the years, they are what allow the distiller to assess the aromas and flavours when he systematically tastes every distillate arriving in the heart of our stills, and thus guarantee the consistent quality of our products.

    Being a Master Distiller at the Biercée Distillery is much more than a profession, it’s a way of life.



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